Friday, November 26, 2010

I know I said I would not post

But I am at work, its my lunch break and I am stuck on hold with Apple Support so why not!

Here is my sad story for today (with still a very shiny layer as I leave for Mexico in 12 hours and 5 minutes). When I plugged my iPhone to charge two days ago, I was informed there was an update and so I updated! This caused my phone to crash and have to be restored to its original settings - so it wipes off all my apps, my music, my photos - everything. Thankfully the computer does do a back up of your phtotos, and phone numbers so I was able to salvage that info. I did this on my work computer as I live here. When I got home, my home computer had a back up of my apps so I put them back on. My music however was lost.

I proceeded to reload my iPhone with my saved playlists in my iTunes from my home computer. The next day, I thought I would like to listen to this music, so I selected the iPod function and to my surprise, it was empty! So I plugged it into my home computer again to see what is going on. It showed all my playlists, but nothing under the music tab. So I grabbed more songs from my iTunes and put them into the music folder on my iPhone.

OK - should be good to go right? NO, still nothing shows in my iPhone's iPod funtion. So I plug it back in, yes they all show in iTunes, what is going on, I do not know. Then I notice there is a button at the bottom of iTunes that asks if I want to populate the play list from iTunes. OK, sure that sounds good.

Ehh, not so good. It grabbed every song from the iTunes which is way more GB then my phone can handle. So I start deleting as they still do not show in the iPod function and now I am thinking its too full to work?? You know I am technically challenged so I do not know. I get it down to just over half full. Still nothing.

When I try to open the iPod function, it is blank and then it just closes itself. To my horror as well, I discover this morning that my battery is no longer holding a charge.

OH, Apple support just answered.


  1. Oh you poor frustrated girl! I hope they get it sorted for you.
    So glad you joined the Let's Bee Together!

  2. Apple Support was really good! I was worried as it said in the auto answering voice that I may have to pay for support, but it was free!
    They are going to switch out my phone for a new one! Yippee!
    Have a great weekend my friends!!

  3. Oh that is great news! Have fun on your trip!