Monday, July 4, 2011

Reno progress

Not too much to report on the reno, but Mr. Hunter did get flooring down in the main section of the basement. Oh and the walls and ceiling are painted in this area. There was a major delay as nothing was done while the hockey playoffs were on - two months!! It feels like we will never finish and I will never get a kitchen. I have advised Mr. Hunter that I am not cooking until I have one. This however did not speed him up, but got him to buy several packages of premade food I just have to heat in the oven. ahhh, well, better then nothing I guess.
Here are some basement pics:

This opening you can see, is supposed to be the future home of my sewing room so I can get out of the corner in the living room. I may be kicked out of this one to though as Mr. Hunter cannot decide where he wants his bowflex. Someday - someday, I will have a sewing room, I think?


  1. Basement looks good! Ill be crossing my fingers for you to get that sewing room!

  2. Nice looking floors! I'm glad things are progressing a little bit. It's hard living for a long time in a renovation and they always seem to drag on.

  3. Great floor! It looks good so far. Hope you get your sewing room.

  4. I love your floor! Surely there's something you can bribe Mr. Hunter with so you can keep that sewing room...... ;-)

  5. Okay holy hell this is stunning! Your house is going to be just perfect!!!!