Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hexi mug rug

We had an intern at my work for the past month who was so much fun to have around and very helpful that I just had to make her a little something. She liked to tease me that quilting makes me really old and would laugh every Monday morning when she asked what I did on the weekend and I explained I was either quilting or going to a quilt show or buying fabric, or at some rock concert. She would ask how is it possible that you are old, sit around quilting all the time but then get to see more concerts than me? I would explain that in reality quilting was super cool and being old meant you get to do whatever the heck you want.
So last Monday when she came in and asked what did you do this weekend and then she started laughing and said, let me guess you were quilting? I laughed and said well, since you mentioned it, I did. She asked me how many quilts I was making and I told her I was not making a quilt. She was completely confused and stated that she did not think quilting meant anything other then large blankets. Then I presented her with this:

 She really liked it and even better - she is not longer an intern but a paid employee for the rest of the summer before she goes back to University!


  1. How very sweet of you! Perhaps you can make a convert. I'm guessing she's pulling your leg on the 'old' thing because if I remember correctly you're even younger than me and I don't consider myself old. Although when I was a teenager, I did kind of think anyone over 30 was ancient.

  2. The mug rug is adorable!! What a wonderful gift for your intern.

  3. Very cute Carolyn- I am sure that she loved it - what a nice thing for you to do. It is funny to see how different people think of quilting in a little box - little do they know about all the different forms of quilting that exist.
    Loved the post about Ani - we are big fans of her music. I first heard her on CKUA and then as part of a soundtrack in the show the West Wing.
    I got my two quilts Spray basted- perhaps I will get them started tomorrow. The weekend has been quiet but nice. I have read and puttered about- it is soon time to get something accomplished. Hope to see you soon.
    Warmest regards,

  4. Great idea for a mug rug!!!! I am sure she must have been absolutely amazed at what "quilting" really is.

  5. A very cute mug rug and a wonderful story to go with it. I just want to know one thing... If you are 'old', what am I?

  6. Super cute mug rug - I especially love the monkey! And you're not old! :D

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The fabric are so cute too.

  8. What a cute mug rug! I love it, especially the recycle hexie!! (Can you tell that I am slowly getting through my back reading of posts?)