Saturday, July 23, 2011

FNSI accomplishments

Last night was Friday Night Sew In and I was pretty productive. I managed to make my Lets Bee Together Block, since she asked for a specific pattern and its not a surprise, I will show it:
 I will mail this to Wendy on Monday.
 June was my month to receive blocks for the Lets Bee Together group and I asked to have any pattern the recipients wanted to make and to please stitch on it their name (first or last or initials - what ever they preferred) and their state. A couple of my new friends do not hand stitch but they signed in pen so I could stitch over it. I stitched two signatures on Thursday and this one last night for FNSI.
The last thing I managed to complete last night was to draw my quilting design onto this table runner that was the first on the pile of UFO's I need to finish! I used a quilting pen I bought from Fabricland. It is called a Fast Fade marker from Unique. It fades a bit too fast for me - but its good motivation to get it done quickly. If you iron the lines, they show up darker. I had already done a pattern on this runner - but I did not stitch it right away and its completely faded away. The pen washes out with just water so if I draw a line I do not like - I use a wash cloth and wipe it away. I think all in all, the pen works really well - but I wish it did stay bolder longer, and the pen seems to dry out when making the lines. I had not used the pen in months and it seemed "juicier" this time, but after drawing this out, it seemed pretty dry again by the time I went to bed.
Have a great weekend - I have to quilt this runner before this design fades away too!


  1. So glad to see the block I sent you finally arrived! Yay!!

  2. One of these days I'm going to join in on the FNSI. Sounds like fun! Good luck with your table runner - I really like the design.

  3. Great projects. I really like that first one... looks like a star design.
    FNSI is a great time to get things done. I managed to get several blocks completed in a quilt design I'm working on. Can't wait until next month.

  4. What a terrific table runner Carolyn- it is such fun colors- I am sure the quilting will look terrific on it.
    Looks like you had another productive evening. I got the last border on the music quilt and am now going to make the back for it.
    I hope to go and spray baste it on Monday so I can get it quilted. Perhaps I might even piece some other blocks too.

  5. So glad you were able to stitch over my name for me...I suppose I could have tested it, but I'd hate to do that one something I was giving to someone else in case of messing it up. Thanks!