Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ani rocks

** I wrote this post over 2 weeks ago, but the video would not load so I saved it as a draft - here it is now that the video Finally Worked!

Last weekend Mr. Hunter and I went to the Utopia Festival - well - we did not go to all of it. The organizers who put it on could not organize their way out of a paper bag. They opened the gates 1 1/2 hours late, started the opening band before even a 1/4 of people were though the gates and then had nothing going on for an hour once we all did get in. There was only one food stand and the line up was too long for me - but I did not have time to eat before we got there as the gates were to open at 6 and they advertised that the first 1100 people would get special wristbands for the weekend that allowed you a special entrance into the beer gardens, meet and greet with some of the artists and special covered seating. As it was raining, I really wanted a covered seat. There was max 200 people ahead of us in line yet when we got to the front, we were told there were not any wristbands left. I was very hungry and cranky at this information. I thought OK, I will at least get a beer and something to eat as another thing they boasted about was that there was to be gourmet food. There was no beer tent, no gourmet food unless french fries are now considered gourmet.
The merch tent was not labelled at all, only Ani Difranco's stuff was there (which was all I wanted so it was OK, but still). It was in this strange cement bunker like thing and when the girl working in there sat down, you didn't even know anyone was in there.

All that said, Ani rocked my socks off! I love that woman!
Here is a video of one of her songs - picture is grainy, but the sound is good. I hope you enjoy it at least 1/2 as much as I did. Its always better live of course =) Even Mr. Hunter really liked the show. The part I like the most about her concerts is her talking, I love how she interacts with the crowd. Even if a band does not play music I like, if they engage the crowd, I will still have a great time a the show. Fortunately I also really love Ani's music so its a win win. Any Ho, I didn't get the last few seconds of this song as I think my camera was full, or I finally got tired of the lady in front of me who kept looking for her friend and blocking my recording.

ARRRGGG Blogger will not take my video!! FINE, here are photos of Ani.


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  1. The organization does sound like a nightmare. Glad that you were able to enjoy the music anyway.