Sunday, July 10, 2011

Canada Post finally getting back to normal and I got some goodies!

On day one of Canada Post finally going back to work (I am slow to post this - this was June 27 I think), I got my order from Intrepid Thread that was stuck in postal limbo for the month of the strike/lock out. I had received notice that it was going to be delivered over a month ago and then bam! STRIKE! Oh noooooo. But it was finally in my mail box. Here it is:
Sherbet Pips

Sherbet Pips

Sherbet Pips

Anna Maria Horner's LouLou Thi 

Julie threw these in for me along with a lovely thank you card.
I for some reason got pretty antsy waiting for this order so while waiting, I placed another one! I decided I had to have more of Anna Maria Horner's new line so Julie from The Intrepid Tread allowed me to customize my own bundle. It should be here anytime now that the post is working. Yeah!
I also should be getting my order from Connecting Threads - I ordered some of their batting to try and a whole lot of their solids they were clearing out for super cheap.
In theme with my new love of Anna Maria Horner, I also was able to locate some of her Innocent Crush from Sew Fresh Fabrics. Oh and wait till you see what else I got from this place!
Anyone else in love with Anna Maria Horner?


  1. Beautiful fabrics, Carolyn!!

  2. So glad your fabrics finally came! I'm waiting on a backorder and it has me antsy wondering when it will come. I like the fabrics The Intrepid Thread carries although they're not my usual thing. You may have been the one to let me know about her store. If so, thanks!

  3. Glad you were able to get your package and enjoy it all over again.....such a nice surprise when it did come! And lovely colors!

  4. I got my order of batting from Connecting Thread this past week. It was pretty fast considering the mail strike- I also got an order from Amazon that had some professional reading in it. It was even faster.
    Hope you had a great weekend and that the anniversary was a wonderful success. I am sure your aunt and uncle loved it.