Friday, July 1, 2011


Happy B-Day Canada, I heart you!
It is pretty great to be Canadian. Here are some fun Canadian pics. For all my USA friends, I hope you have a fantastic 4th of July - but today is Canada's turn to party! I may even stop cleaning and quilting and go outside.. .. . at the very least - I will watch the fire works.

This picture I found on a cool blog post you can see by clicking here. The pic "moves" and the palm trees look more like fireworks. This person did a great post and you should check it out just for fun!

Oh - if you are wondering how I finally got blogger to work? I took Karen's advise and did a full scan on my computer - and was able to delete all the cookies and other junk it found. Now it works again! Yippee

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  1. Happy Canada Day to you!!! Glad you got Blogger working again.