Saturday, July 16, 2011

And its finally done!!

It was starting to feel like I would never get this custom quilt done, but finally I reached the end! Its done, I have given it to my friend, she loved it and I have been paid.
Funny about that - I did some math and not including anything for my time, I paid $191.00 not including any taxes for all the materials, batting and thread. I was paid $175.00 total for the quilt.
So I lost about 25 bucks and a lot of time - but she loves it and her daughter is going to love it and at least I got some money.
Here it is:



  1. It looks lovely! Gratz on a finish - and yay that it will be in a happy home.

  2. That's looks great! Although I'm sorry you ended up out of pocket on it. However, perhaps it will bring you a lot more paid work and you can charge a fair price next time. Most people just don't realize how expensive it is to make a quilt, especially when you use quality materials. But it really did turn out nice and is one of a kind as well.

  3. It looks wonderful and I guess the payment comes in the form of knowing someone will love it.

  4. It is fantastic Carolyn- I love the original design and the great fabrics that you chose. I am sure her daughter is going to love it.
    Hope you are having some good creating time this weekend. I found some more quilting fabrics for the music quilt so I hope to do some more work on it this weekend.
    Warmest regards,

  5. Lucky Erin - I'm sure she'll love it! It's so difficult to charge a fair price for quilts isn't it? I'm really sorry you're out of pocket on this one and hope it brings more orders which will earn something for your time.

  6. Really great quilt!! I love your design and I bet Erin will really appreciate having a one of a kind quilt.

  7. AMAZING quilt. Really really impressive girl!