Monday, July 11, 2011

Fashion Television

I sometimes like to watch Fashion Television, I find all the fashion completely ridiculous and it makes me chuckle at the awful clothing they call amazing. Last week I was watching and in one runway show - I do not remember which designer it was for, but the pant and shorts the girls were wearing made them look like there was a monster in their panties trying to get out! It was hilarious, then the show all the actresses saying how amazing it was and yes they want to buy so much of it. HA! I know that these fashion creations trickle down and influence the creation of my much more subdued and affordable clothing but come on! Who wants a monster in their pants? Not me.

Another show came on and it was showing highlights of some show that had all these girls competing to be the next supermodel. I am surfing while watching so I am not really paying attention until I hear the person who is picking the winner say that the girls didn't look very good in the beginning but now that they are two months in and have lost weight, they are starting to look better. Ah - they looked gross. They were thin before, they showed the before and after. OMG, it was awful, they had not weight at all to them. Looked horrible.
Then I started to watch more and you can see their shoulder blades stick grotesquely out of their backs. Ick. I am thin, always have been, but I never want to be that thin!

Just say no girls and  get something to eat.
Alexander McQueen however I enjoyed his show, again things I would never wear, but his models were not gross, in fact, they were healthy looking! Their arms were not twigs and they looked like just thin healthy girls who get to eat every day. I hope more designers start using these healthier models! Then the scrawny ones can start eating and work for them too.


  1. I SO agree with you about the models. It really sets up unrealistic expectations for young girls and leads to a lifetime of weight issues. I think about my 8 year old niece and pray she develops a healthy body image.

  2. The girl in the red swimsuit reminds me of a Holocaust victim. Poor thing she is a victim. She probably just doesn't know it. I like laughing at those fashion shows too.

  3. I think they all could use a few ice cream sundaies in their life!

  4. I just hate seeing models look like that! Sooooo gross.

  5. I think Jennifer Lopez should get an award for making butts fashionable again! I have found that at least the Victoria's Secret catalogs have started showing much more reasonable models - who have butts now, instead of looking like boys! It really is ridiculous what they try to convince us is "beautiful"........