Sunday, July 17, 2011

60th Wedding Anniversay Party!!

My Great Uncle Tony and his beautiful wife Anne celebrated last weekend their 60th wedding anniversary. They had a table when you walked into the hall they rented for the party, covered in photos. I was able with my Uncle Donny's help (he should me how to better use my camera) take pictures of the pictures. Here they are:

Uncle Guy, Great Uncle Tony, My brother Charles

I did not meet the man standing left, the rest is: Great Auntie Veronica - we call her Roni, Great Auntie Anne, Auntie Debbie

Auntie Debbie, Uncle Guy and Great Uncle Tony - he is telling us a joke.

Charles and his beautiful wife and my friend, Michelle

Mr Hunter and my Uncle Donny - he is telling him how to use the camera.

This is a silly picture, Mr Hunter was taking his teachings to practise taking motion pictures - I was moving around all zig zaggy to see if he could get a clear picture. His worked out.

This was my picture trying to capture movement - I failed, I think my hands shake too much. I notice I always get the shaking warning on my display screen when I am trying to take pictures.

Auntie Debbie, I did not catch the lady in pinks name but she was awesome, Uncle Guy. These two make a fantastic couple, they are both so kind and funny, I always enjoy seeing them. I wish we all lived closer!
Last but not least, my Uncle Darrell talking to his twin sister, Auntie Debbie! He is super awesome too. So are all their kids/my cousins, but they were not able to come.
Happy Sunday.


  1. These are great photos Carolyn- I loved seeing some of your family members. I really enjoy putting names to faces. I have some great sisters in law too. I think it is fun that you and Michelle are friends. I am sure a good time was had by all. The flowers are great too
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like a great time. Love the photos.

  3. They really look like a fun bunch! So nice to see the old photos too!