Friday, July 8, 2011

Quilters Guild Garage Sale Goodies!

I thankfully got to go to the garage sale the Edmonton Quilters Guild put on. I went with my friend Anna who I have mentioned a few times, her blog is Quiltmoms Journey.
Together, we bought pretty much all the quilting fabric that they had. Thank goodness we got there early!
Here is what I got:

Pretty good huh? Then we went to Chapters and they had three tables of books for $1-$6 dollars!!
I got these two:

Then, I got this book. I was not looking for it, nor had I heard of it - but the author was there and he stopped me to introduce me to his books:
He used to be a CEO of a very big successful company that he did not give me the name of but he disclosed that they are not doing very good things for the planet or the people in it. So he quit and now writes books that are fiction, but give insight on what these companies are doing. This book is about a Canadian man who helps save a family that is being hurt by one of these companies. He promised it would make me laugh and make me cry which sounds like a good book to me!


  1. What a great haul!!!! Good thing you got there early.

  2. Did you get though lamps too? I love them. You did good at that sale - lots of really cool stuff.

  3. Looks like you bought all sorts of goodies!! Good for you :)

  4. Don't ya love it when you find some bargains! Looks like you made out like a bandit, as we say down here! Have a super weekend!
    Jacque in SC

  5. It was a fun day Carolyn- your poor little car was jam packed full of stuff that we found on that trip. The money went to the Guild's Endowment Fund too so that was good too. We will have to see what other adventures we can get into next..
    Thanks for joining me that day. I know I found a few treasures too.
    Warmest regards,

  6. Oh goodness you got some great stuff. And the fabric that showed up through the post is also amazing. I hope you get my hexi exchange fabric SOON!