Monday, February 21, 2011

UFO Domination number 1

Here is my first UFO Domination project - the Pet Quilt. As promised, I said I would show how it turned out so here it is:

 I had mentioned here about Steam A Seam product to attach the applique and I could not recall if that was the good stuff, or the bad stuff for quilting. IT IS THE BAD! It made the fabric extremely stiff - its still stiff after washing and machine cannot stitch through it as you can see above, I was only able to quilt part of the applique pieces. When I was attaching the pieces, I had to keep cleaning my needles off and inside the bobbin area as they were covered in glue and breaking the thread. 
The good stuff I got from my quilting mentor, it says Pellon on the instructions, but I cannot find an actual name for it. She had sold me 6 meters off a giant roll so unfortunately that is all I know. I still have some thankfully and I will see her again at the end of April. As a side note, I think the Steam A Seam is perfect for Mr. Hunter's hockey patches.
This UFO was done just in time as it has been dipping into the -30 degree Celsius at night here. I now have 5 layers on the bed, it is awesome! Mr. Hunter came to wake me up at 8:30am yesterday morning and he told me I was so warm. Well I should hope so with that many layers! 
I hope your weekends were fantastic, and your hubbies let you sleep in! =P


  1. Congratulations on your UFO Domination!!

    I love all the layers on the bed! Some nights, when it dips too chilly, I have 3, and can only imagine what DH would say if I had 5 also! :D

    Stay warm!!

  2. Love the quilt, congratulations on the finish!

  3. Yay for you! What a cute quilt! Be sure and drop it into the flicker pool so all our group can admire it!

  4. I just saw your badge. Are you trying to get through UFOs this year? Me too. Tomorrow you should check my blog about the DISASTER that was my weekend of UFO working. Let's just say that waiting years is a bad idea!!!!

    Your finished quilt is amazing. Really lovely!