Friday, February 11, 2011

The long walk home

Its nice that it stays lighter out longer - as you can see, its a wee bit slippery! This sidewalk is city property - no need to explain any further why it is like this is there?
I have discovered however that doing the moonwalk forward will allow you to slide along and not fall on your butt!
This walk has served me well until the street was re plowed yesterday and the graders pushed chunks of ice and road debris onto the walk. Now my boots catch the material and I trip - on ice. hee hee, I bet it looks hysterical! Knock on wood, I have not fallen yet, and every day is kind like an adventure. I am training for the Survivor Alaska!! ha ha ha That million is so mine!

Does the city you live in keep its walks safe?
Cheers my friends!


  1. Even though I have no experience of this, my sis has told me how slippery it is.
    And she said that my niece has done a 'rock & roll' on the sidewalk/pavement several times after it snowed :D

  2. Our sidewalks are "okay". City cleared ones are not as good as the ones homeowners are responsible for...mainly because the city will charge homeowners for not having clear sidewalks.

  3. Nope. It is the responsibility of the owner of the property next to the sidewalk to keep the sidewalk clear. As you can imagine it is haphazard.

  4. This makes me feel cold to just look at it! Wow! I hope you manage to stay upright until spring arrives! Everything is gorgeous here, sunny and spring like. Yep, everyone loves the Arizona desert in the winter, but no one loves it come summer!!