Thursday, February 24, 2011

All I need is a miracle

I got not one, but two! The city must have read my blog - or they got tired of hearing complaints because they actually salted and sanded their sidewalk around my corner of the city! I am still in shock. 

What it was.
What it is now. Just look at all the cement you can see!
 So, that was miracle 1, Miracle two is that I now have not one, but two pairs of these:

You may wonder why I need snow spikes for my winter shoes now that the sidewalks are clear and how about the crazy fact that I said I am getting two?? Well, I got one pair to fit my gigantic winter boots when its super cold out, and one pair  for my runners for when it is warm and melting. 
I got my new spikes because even though the walk is cleared now, its been snowing again, and as it melts it will get major slippery again. Then there is where I have to cross the street on the side streets which are like skating rinks. Things I never thought I would have to buy or feel so excited about.
So there you have it, miracles do happen! 


  1. I have a pair and find they help SO much! Or at least I feel like I'm not going to fall on my butt all the time :)

  2. Glad to see they listened to you! What a difference. The ones here are not too bad now,but we are getting a storm tomorrow or so and it will be interesting to see what it is like after that!