Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally some luck!!

Thanks to my Canadian mug rug that I maybe kinda sorta showed off to everyone at work since Mr. Hunter doesn't really care. He pretends sometimes to appease me, but really - he doesn't care. So, I force all the people at work to look at my stuff - they don't care either, but are too nice to say no. hee hee
This has worked out awesome though as one of my friends/co-workers has requested custom place mats! YIPPEE
Here are the two sketched I did for her. She wanted something with the Canadian flag, mountains and soccer. Its for here and her daughter so girly colors are a must.

Pardon the sheen on these drawings - I sprayed too much fixative on them, but I didn't want my friend to get any color transfer on herself.
She choose the top one so I have to get to work now and make them a reality. Those little maple leafs are gonna be a challenge, but I have some ideas. We decided as well to incorporate the green areas from the bottom picture in to the plan. I think it will look awesome!


  1. I really love that top one - very creative!! Good luck!!

  2. AWESOME!! Being asked and the design! I work with a bunch of guys so we made a deal, I listen while they talk about gutting deer and fixing up cars and then they have to oh & awe over my quilts. Eveyone is happy!