Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow removal - before the roof collapses!

Mr Hunter went to the hardware store to get a roof rake which he did not fully believe me that they exist. I asked him to trust me, I used to sell the darn things - now go get one before the roof falls in on us.
Mr. Hunter came home somewhat empty handed, they were sold out. But he got a skookum painters pole and with an old push broom of ours, created a roof shovel! It worked awesome. It was too cold and dangerous for me to take a decent picture, but here are a couple I took through the screen door. It was like Niagara falls only with snow off the roof!

Sorry about the blurry pics - he just would not stand still for me! ha ha


  1. Aren't our guys genius? I'm so glad he found a way to save your roof ;-)

  2. Snow Rake? That is a new one for me, I had no idea there was such a thing! And I have to say, I hope I never live somewhere we need one of those! I marvel at all of you who live in such cold climates.
    Glad you and your roof all safe again!

  3. I honestly did not know they made snow rakes....however, my hubby has had to go on his mother's roof to shovel snow.

  4. I've never heard of a roof rake either! Glad you got one sorted, hope we don't get any more snow it's been warm and sunny here in France and long may it last I say!!