Monday, February 28, 2011

And the placemats are done!

I think they turned out pretty good and fortunately the receiver thinks they are awesome! Here is the finished product:

Mr Hunter thinks this design would look great minus the soccer ball, lol, so I may make it again with just the mountains, sky and rolling green hills. I like the idea of having several different place mats for entertaining. I have two of these ones:
I originally made 4, but I gave two away. These fabrics have gold in them, and I have lots more of other fabrics with the gold so I could use them for the mountains - or not, I do not think it even matters. It will just be fun to set an eclectic table. I never entertain anyways so really - no one will see them.
Before I make more place mats, I have to get my butskey in gear and make my pattern for the table runner I showed you here.


  1. I am totally impressed! They look great!

  2. YES YES YES ... pattern!

    Wow your placemats are lovely. Really nice work.

  3. I love the soccer ball! The pattern sonds great too.

  4. Oh wow they are so great. You need to do patterns.

  5. The second one with the leaves look lovely :)

  6. Wow -- the soccer ball looks like it's going to come right up out of the place mat. I really like the gold leafy things.