Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just some bloggy news

I am sure you have seen most of these, but I have been busy and unable to keep up with my blog reading lately. Lucky has once again done something to his eye. We went to Calgary for my brother and sister in laws house warming party - checked Lu into the kennel and when we picked him up - I could see there was another major issue. Due to his stroke almost a year ago - he cannot close his left eye and he is always hyper to the point of insanity - well okay that is an exaggeration - he does sleep sometimes. =P
Thankfully - we still had the drops from the first time (this is actually the third time now) so we started to medicate immediately. Took him to the vet yesterday and the doctor told us that our fast reacting has saved the day! He already looks better - I will spare you the details.

On to the fun stuff in bloggy land!
There is going to be a large hot mat exchange over on Cheryl's blog here. Not sure yet if it is international (she is in Australia) but I have signed up.

There is a give away for a yard of Christmas fabric on the blog One More Quilt.

Another give away is happening over on Pigtales and Quilts blog, its a sponsored give away and looks pretty good!

There is a tutorial on how to make the cutest little slippers you ever did see on Made By Rae's blog.

An of course there is a really good list of give aways over on Linda's blog, Stray Stitches. I don't know how she finds them all!

There is way more then this going on out there - but alas - my Internet time is over for today.

Cheers my friends!

OH, I forgot my picture!!
Here you go - Ladies - Never let your husbands do this:

This scary 70's porn star stash is hanging out on by brother's face right now. I told him I was posting this on my blog in the hopes he will do my lovely SIL a favor and shave it off!! The whole night we were there he kept twirling the ends, it was scary and hilarious all at the same time.
I still Love Ya Bro! But its time to let the stash go.


  1. LOL - PORN STAR! Great stash :)

    Thanks for all the giveaways. Crazy number of them.

  2. Poor pup! I'm glad that the drops are working to help make him better.
    LOL! Now that's one 'stash' you don't want to keep!