Sunday, February 20, 2011

Buttons and storage

I love buttons, and ribbon, and pieces of lace and snaps and fabric enclosures. I love all sorts of embellishments really - I do not think I have seen one I didn't like or at least think useful in the right application.
So, when I saw these three for a dollar discontinued buttons, I was all over them!
 Then I decided I had "saved" all this money from buying discounted buttons, I deserved some new ones too!
 Whoa! New buttons!!
 Just look how lovely - I had to have them!
 And where does one put all these buttons?? In these:
 These are not your expensive organizers my friends! Hell no! I am the queen of cheap and Mr. Hunter is the king! He got these for me for Christmas (so romantic I know, ha ha ha) straight from the fishing and tackle aisle.
There is the label for you to see. They have big ones and little ones. He got me a cool tackle box that fits the smaller size x 3 containers and a top that opens. Perfect for quilting retreats! I will try to remember to take a pic for you to see it.
Now all I need is more buttons to fill them up!!
Which made me think.. ... hmm, what about a swap?? I can knit wash cloths, I can as well trade for fat quarters. Anyone want to trade? You send me some buttons or ribbon? I send you some fabric or a knitted cloth?
Let me know if anyone of you are interested in a swap! Help me fill my containers! You can send me flee market finds, discontinued items, even pulled off an old sweater! I just like buttons.
Please leave me a comment if you are in, and if you think someone else may be interested in a swap, feel free to post on your blog and send them my way! If more people want to swap, maybe we can start a flicker pool with items we are willing to trade for? Just thinking out loud now, but it could happen right?


  1. Oh I am so in! I know I have some buttons around, nothing too fancy, I don't think but they are yours!

  2. What a great idea! I have quite a few buttons so a swap would be fun!

  3. Sure! Buttons I many of how many do you want??

  4. I keep my buttons in jars, lots of jars! Sorry I don't want to exchange. I love them too much to part with any of them. But I have a tackle box very similar to yours for my threads!

  5. I'd love to exchange some buttons with you - I have a ton of old buttons from sweaters and shirts, and buttons that are odd shaped...I think you'd like some of the funky ones I have...and never seem to find a use for! If you would use em, and fill your boxes, that'd be awesome!