Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Table Runner idea

I made this drawing/pattern up before Christmas - when I was playing with ideas from my MIL's table runner. In the end though, I realized I really want to make it - for me! That and I knew I had no time to get this done before we flew out to Vancouver.
I have been sitting on it, not literally, literally it is pinned on the wall behind my head where I sit at my sewing table. hee hee. I had mentioned to Staci that I hoped this pattern would change her mind about having incomplete Dresden circles.
So, what do you think? Incomplete Dresden circles. Anyone horrified at my pattern idea? I had thought I would use the 30's prints, but I think I may even get solids like my drawing. For the hexies, I am thinking of 3-4 different solid cream to mustard like colors. I may do the hexies solid and then stick with the original plan of the prints for the circles. You all will be the first to know! I could say it would be Mr. Hunter, but he just isn't into it.
Anyone else making up new patterns or have hubbies that ignore our sewing addiction? 


  1. OMG it is amazing. If you write up a pattern I'd make one for myself too!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. I really like it too. And yes, my hubby just nods his head when I talk about sewing and then agrees with whatever I say. I sometimes get the "I really could care less what you are going on about" look but mostly the eyse glaze over.

  3. I likle this. There is a lot of movement here.

  4. Me too! If you write a pattern I'll make it too. I would use the solid fabrics or batiks, only because I've already done a 30's print quilt.

  5. I love your pattern! I think it is really beautiful and creative, and above all, interesting. Yes, you should make it! I love the solids ideas!