Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I keep breaking stuff =(

This past week and a half have been tough. I melted my brand new salt and pepper shakers:
They were in the stove since Christmas - but I just used the oven the other day. Whoops. The salt worked great for getting the spaghetti sauce stains off but that was the only silver lining on this one.

Then I made Mr Hunters square screw bit into a circle trying to help him put down the sub floor. I was like one of those losers on the World Worst Handy Man shows. I was embarrassed, but there was no denying that the bit was no longer squared. =(

Then, and I cannot believe this goes on, but none the less, then I broke my sewing machine!
My auto threader arm got caught on my gigantic stupid pet quilt! I wanted to really finish it, I had hand stitched around everything, but that was it - I didn't even bind it and the damn thing has been on our bed for months. I know- I know! Obviously I have to get it done so I can wash all the pet hair off. We have multiple layers of blankets so its not like it touches our bodies - but the hair - oh gawd the pet hair! So I decided to stop being a baby and try to stipple this monster. The bulk must have caught the arm and snapped it right off. I didn't even know it had happened. I was stitching away when suddenly the piece came into view. I am still grieving. This is going to cost me a fortune to fix, if it even can be fixed!

Not only did I bust the threader - but my stitches look like ka ka. I don't even care - I just want this thing done and off my table.

And to top it all off - my stupid boots are disintegrating! Both feet have had the laces rip though the fabric that held them in place.
 I can only pray the rest of the fabric hold until at least this winter is over!

I thought bad things were to happen in threes. Let hope mine is just a string of four and this badness can be put behind me.
I hope all of you are having great days - not breaking anything.. ...


  1. Oh dear, this has not been your day/week! I am sure that there is a silver lining somewhere . . .right?

  2. Oh, I feel for you! I hope your path of destruction has come to an end!
    My friend broke her needle threader off. Cost $75 to fix it. She has a Pfaff.

  3. I like the new look of your salt and pepper shakers - definitely unique. And hubby can always get a new drill bit. I hope your boots make it through the winter and then maybe you can find a replacement pair this spring when they all go on sale. Sorry to hear about your needle threader. I have become so dependent on the stupid thing I would be lost without it.

  4. Is the needle threader connected metal to metal and be spot welded? Or can you use super glue? Can you use super glue on those boots? Oh dear you have had a terrible time. Watch out a dog might pee on you - your luck has been so bad! We were making some toasts and my husband said "Here's to not getting hit in the face!" So you have that going for you right?

  5. Hopefully this week will be much better for you. I have replace my needle threader 3 times, I do not think they are made to last.