Friday, December 3, 2010

The Royal Hideaway

I had mentioned before I left that I had won this trip and that it was a good thing as it is a very expensive resort. Along with this, came cab drivers who charged double as soon as they were told where we were staying. On our way back from Kite Boarding Mr. Hunters trainer requested us a cab and sure enough, as soon as he told the driver where we needed to go, the price was up there - although still much more cost efficient then getting a cab here!! With our stay being free, we did not mind the extra 100 pesos the driver wanted to take us back. Plus we were pretty hungry! 
Here are some lovely pics of the resort:

Most are of the pool as other then our one crazy kite boarding day, we lived at the pool. I even did the aerobics every day. It was awesome. We only have one complaint for the resort which is the lack of a buffet. The food there was so amazing though, I hate to say we had a complaint, but I personally found it stressful to be constantly worried of the time and possibly missing a dinner reservation. I know they probably have people who blow off the reservations and just order room service which is included, but I am a good Canadian girl whom could not bear the thought of having someone wait for me. 
The location is fabulous, we walked along the beach into Playa Del Carmen to watch the football game. More on that tomorrow.

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