Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Christmas fabric runner done!

Phew, another one down! I have fabric to make two more in these prints. I am unsure at this point as to what order to put them in, but I will show you those in a minute. Here is my finished runner!!
Before the finished product, I had some set backs. I attempted to do free style trees - yeah, not so good.

Oh bother, have you ever seen such bad trees? 

So I made a paper stencil and just kept re pinning it down the line until it was completed.

I did do some free style snowflakes and I thought they turned out okay.

Snow flakes in a row

Here are the good trees - well, better trees.

The final product!

So here are my left over pieces. I thought the bottom runner is fun, but I am not loving the top one. I thought perhaps with a wide strip of the poinsettia fabric in the middle? Then I thought perhaps they are destined to be two place mats? Or even 4 with the width of the mat made up with the poinsettia fabric? What do you think??


  1. Um - hello - YOU ROCK! The stitched trees are so cute.

  2. Love the runner and your fmq looks great!

    I think I see placemats in your future.

  3. I like the flow of your design. Good idea with the tree stencil.