Friday, December 17, 2010

More on the quilted eReader cover

My friend Christina whom is a talented knitter, her blog is Nuclear Knits: Where Knitting is the Bomb! told me that she has the B&N Nook. The Nook is just a tiny bit bigger then the Indigo/Chapters Kobo eReader. If you have a Nook and want to sew along, you will need to cut your fabric as follows:
1 print 6.75" x 18.5" 
1 print 6.75" x 18.75" 
1 batting 6.75" x 18.5" 
Then follow the same steps! The measurement on the sides to stitch the folds, do yours at 3/4"

You will need a fabric for binding, I went with a 2 1/4" wide by about 11 or 12". I had a little left over, but better then then the opposite right?? Fold in the centre and press - only on the edge you want to start at, fold over a 1/4. There is a picture later if that didn't make sense.

Here are the next steps I did (shown in lots of photos of course!)
From your folded over edge, measure the height of your eReader plus 1/4", mark, fold and stitch just like the edge folds we did.

From the new line we just stitched, measure again, this time - for the Kobo measure that 1/2" + the tick, for the Nook, do your 3/4". Fold and stitch.

It should look like this.

Good side facing in, fold at as close to the centre of our stitched bottom as you can. Finger press.

Mark where the short side stops on the longer side.

Place your binding to start stitching it on right at the start of this mark you just made.

This is the picture of the 1/4" fold I promised.

Bind as per usual until your get to the second corner - complete the corner, then stop.

Align the fabric up to your second mark and fold it over (excess on top).

Cut leaving at least 1/4" extra that you can now press into the inside just like we did for the start.

I finger pressed mine so it was easy to see where I had to fold.

Iron... .. ha ha, sorry I got camera happy. I know you know how to iron, but isn't my iron pretty??

OK, so here is our second fold, ready to go! So stitch it on!
Flip the binding over, fold neatly like shown, pin.

Turn over to the top and stitch in the ditch to catch your fold over. You could hand stitch this, but no one is going to look at the back and you need the strength of the machine as this binding is going to get a lot of pulling on it.

Your back should look something like this.

Now flip it over, good sides out. Fold the bottom inward like an accordion fold - like a fabric shopping bag when it is new and you haven't smashed it into a ball to fit in your purse =) Pin the bottom.

Place your velcro.

Pin in place. **Here you can learn from my mistake, put your velcro right up to the binding. Because I left the extra fabric, it wants to curl up.

Stitch on the velcro doing the x lines through the middle to give extra strength.

Take out those pins from the bottom. Fold good sides in, match up the top short end to meet the binding and sew up your sides with a quarter inch seam allowance. To keep it nice and straight at the top, I started there for both sides.

Flip it right side out.

See how the top is too wide. If you have a brilliant way to avoid this, please do tell.

What I did and am happy with, is just to fold this in as shown and stitch.

And here you have it - a completed quilted eReader cover.
I hope that made sense for you and you enjoyed making your eReader cover. 
Have a great weekend my friends!

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