Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Morph Kiteboarding and place mat update

I do not have the most updated picture of the place mats, but I had a brilliant idea with all your helpful suggestions. A while back I picked up some solid color fat eights from Fabricland. Here is my idea - this time with paper cut outs rather then wasting more fabric!
Huh, What do you think? Not of the colors for say, but the 6 pointed stars in solids. Way better I think!

And because the hubby feels left out, here are some pics of him kite boarding too:
Well what the heck?? I am out of room. What is this craziness? 
Yikes, well, I paid for more but it takes 24 hours - so hold that thought - I will show you more pics tomorrow.
Have a great day my friends!


  1. I like them with the solid color stars. Good choice.

  2. Oh I like this one a lot. The stars really pop now!

  3. Yes, this is going to be very pretty. The little stars pop. I really enjoyed your kite boarding pictures. I hadn't seen that before.