Wednesday, December 15, 2010

eReader completed and a little how too if you like

I finished my quilted Kobo eReader cover for my sister in law tonight and I took lots of pics in case anyone else wanted to see how. 
Here is the end result:
Here is how I did it through pictures:
The Kobo is 4.7" x 7.4" x 0.4" I cut two pieces of print, one was 18.25" x 6.75", the other 18.5" x 6.75". My batting I cut 18.25" x 6.75"
 Put the fabric right sides together with the longer piece on the bottom, then the batting. Make them nice and square. Sew along one of the 6.75" side with a 1/4" seam allowance. Turn the outer printed piece over and press.
Now that is is presses, I pinned and quilted.
 Next, verified that my fabric still measured 6.75". I know it should, but sh!t happens so I double checked. It was good so I then marked off on each side with my fancy ruler one tick past the 1/2". I'm sorry but I can only guess that it may be .625 or something like that?? I dunno know - just do it.
 Using your marked lines, fold the fabric over. If your fabric has a good side, then fold on your good side having the small edge fold over into the "bad" side. Pin it baby!!
 On the machine, sew as close as you can to that edge. Make sure you do not sew over a pin, it may not break your needle, but it does something really bad to the alignment of your machine which will eventually make you cry big hot tears. No fun.
Now, it should look like this on both sides. 
Phew - it is my bedtime. I am sorry, I will have to finish the rest on Friday. I hate to keep you waiting, but I must sleep. 


  1. Goodness thanks for all the photos. I've been thinking about making a nook cover - I bet your pattern would work for that!

  2. oh yay! i'm getting a kobo ereader for christmas and need to make a case for it. thanks :D