Saturday, December 4, 2010

Greycup tears!

Like good Saskatchewan Rough Rider fans, we packed our Riders gear with us to take to Mexico. We walked the 25 minutes along the beach to get into the tourist strip of Playa Del Carmen where we immediately ran into another group of Riders fans all decked out and searching for a pub to watch the game. I cannot even tell you the name of the bar we stopped at as all we were looking for was a big screen and this place had 2. 
The leader of our found group was named Rod and he was hysterical! He brought with him a bag full of Riders face paint and Riders tattoos. By the end of the night - every single person with exception of maybe 6 people from Quebec (it was Quebec we were playing - and even some of them!) were either sporting the tattoo or a giant S drawn on their face or arm - willingly! He made the game, which was good cause we lost. 
Apologies for the blurry pics, it was dark and I could not get my camera to "work with me".

Across from the bar was this drug store, I thought the sign was pretty funny:
Because you may need a sandwich while they get your Viagra for you. Ha ha ha

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