Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here is what Mr. Hunter and I have been up to this week!
Lucky got a bath.

Ohh poor smelly Lu! Now he smells like lemons instead of stinky cheese.

I picked out a fabulous chandelier for the back entry. Can you guess which one I picked?

Jada got mad at me for not paying attention to her - then she gave me the COLD SHOULDER!!

I cut 141 different fabrics into strips to make packages for two quilting bees I am doing the January month for.

Then I made the packages.

On the reno front, Mr Hunter and his friend put in the double doors. 

Mr Hunter has insulated the walls. Mmm Warmth!

I removed a few feet of tile and moved the furniture out of the way for the pony wall to be built around the cabinets.

I bleached the bathtub and then did the dishes. 

Tika pretended to be a stool.

I made my sample block for my turn at Let's Bee together and Orange You Glad Bees.
How was your week? Did you have a great Christmas and New Years?


  1. WOW you were busy! besides the renos, all that cutting of fabric. Love the block.

  2. Our Gabriel had a bath on Sunday as well. She's having a terrible time with allergies right now. That sure is a lot of strips you cut, but I really like the block you made. Good luck with the ongoing reno!

  3. You have been so busy!!! And look at all those strips - wow!! Seems that things are moving forward with the reno.

  4. Sounds like a really busy week! Love that Orange block.

  5. Oh my! I need a nap just seeing all that! HarHarHar!! It is coming along nicely. Mr Hunter really is doing a good job - you too! Lucky and the kitties sure look cute in their pictures. They sure provide a lot of laughs don't they?

  6. Wow, you have been busy. Looking forward to making that block!

  7. Carolyn, I'm working on your gorgeous block, and I just have two quick comments/concerns. Your instructions say the finished block will be 12.5", but since we started with 12.5" and cut it apart to sew back together, it isn't actually going to be 12.5", right? I'm having trouble getting my mind around this. Also, I just finished the 6th strip on the first side of each of the 4 pieces, and it seems like the last piece is barely going to be visible. Is that right? Or have I done something wrong? I don't want to mess up with your gorgeous fabrics!