Thursday, January 12, 2012

How I cook in this mess!

Gawd I miss sewing. 

Here is the land mine I have to traverse to get to my "kitchen" set up.

Its a good thing I am thin as the space to squeeze though the plywood and the table is very tight. Here I have my microwave and my flat top plug in grill. Its limited, but it's also better then nothing!
As you can see, not all of the floor is in yet, so I have a plank to walk across, I set the plates of food on the ledge and then either pass them to Mr. Hunter, or climb down the ladder - clinging to the chimney to not fall - I am not that coordinated. In this picture, the path is pretty clear - it is not always like this. Sometimes there are piles of tools and building supplies that I have to step over or move to even get into the fridge.

Oh, and here I am busted eating take out!! Mr Hunter brought me African food. Have you ever had it? This was amazing. He could not remember how to pronounce the restaurant name, but he promised to take me there. Its a new place some place in the McCauley neighbourhood. I cannot wait, man it was so tasty!!


  1. Busted! Your kitty looks on with envy. Take-out is fine when you have to perform a circus act every time you want to make a meal. What's that about walking over a plank? Almost as scary as the state of your electricity!

  2. So when Mr. Hunter is not happy with you, he makes you walk the plank? Or do you make him walk it?

    What fun you are having - so glad I'm not there to share it. LOL!! (Hey that's how our garage used to be before I moved hubby's stuff to a shed. Fancy Foot work required!)