Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scary Electrical

I forgot to mention the other day how Mr. Hunter almost got one hell of a shock and not the first time! 
When he started to take out the old stairs, we discovered that the thick power cord for the sub panel was routed in the door jam. Seriously!! Check these picks out:
Just that little piece of door trim was concealing the cord. Mr Hunter said look where they put this and look how close they almost nailed into it! He moved the cable just slightly and sparks and smoke flew. Scared the crap out of us. I raced to the panel to make sure the breaker was off. Then he removed it as I showed the other day.. ... minor omission?

You cannot really see the screw in this picture, but Mr Hunter almost screwed right into this fixing the door when we first moved in. We had no idea the power cord was right there! That is so not code!!

The brown box above the hubby on the wall behind the plastic is the sub panel. The only thing still wired to it is the garage and the yard lights. Thankfully, we had a new panel put in within a week or so of moving in. Had to, the electrical was so bad, if you wanted to do laundry, you had to turn every light off, unplug every appliance and sit in candle light till it was done!
I'll be so glad when this house it done! Mr Hunter found more live wires in the wall as well, the ends were wrapped in packing tape! Packing tape?? Its a wonder we are still alive and this house has not burned to the ground!

Wish us luck,


  1. Yikes!!! Can you imagine how unsafe that was? It will be so nice knowing things are up to code.

  2. Oh that scares me! Thank goodness God was watching over him and he didn't nail into that.

  3. Sounds scary! Anything electrical scares me. Doing laundry by candle light? That's kind of romantic.