Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Pizza EVER

It has taken many years and a lot of bad pizza to find the best pizza in town. Let me introduce you to Mona's Pizza. I highly recommend their East Indian Pizza, but I'm confident you will enjoy any of their selections, as it is super tasty!

 If you live in Edmonton, and want some tasty pizza, give these guys a call. Its a small shop and the family that own and operate it are super sweet and the ordering process I found was great just like the food.


  1. Looks awesome! Wonder if they'll deliver to South Carolina? Heehee! Love, love how your kitchen is coming along in the previous post! Congrats - you're almost there!

  2. WHY are you teasing me like this???

    Well I suppose I could be happy for you since you've been looking for a long time. And you don't have a kitchen so it's not like you can just whip up one yourself. Okay. Congrats on finding such a great place - looks so good!! I'm glad I can't smell it through the computer. That would really send me over the edge. LOL!