Monday, January 9, 2012

The floor! The Floor!

We have ourselves a little delay in the kitchen - so far it has cost us a week. When the house was first built, the builder thought it was great idea to put the interior support posts on dirt. That did not fair the house too well. Mr Hunter poured proper cement footings, reset the posts and raised the house a good couple of inches in the centre. This however was not enough to compensate for the damage done of the house settling and not being supported in the centre. This past week has been a little scary as the kitchen floor was removed to the joists - living in a house in which you can look into the basement while standing in the upstairs living room is a little nauseating - at least to me. Mr Hunter has sistered all the joists which was needed as we discovered they were all twisted, cracked and warped. He also levelled the floor so we can lay the beautiful tile I bought.
Here are the photo updates:

Since we took the toilet and sink out from the upstairs bathroom - it is really important to not drink water before bed. LOL.
Oh and if you are wondering - yes this was and is still open. Not the entire floor, but you can still see down into the basement. 


  1. Oh my. How are you doing? Do you see the end in sight or will it be awhile yet?

    It is looking great!

  2. It will be gorgeous when it is finished.

  3. It is SO great to have a handy husband, isn't it? Mine's that way too. Of course, it also means we never take a vacation, because he wants to work on another remodel project.

  4. Wow! So much work. Good thing you have a handyman for a husband. It will be fantastic once it is finished.