Friday, January 6, 2012

Bee blues

I joined months ago the Orange You Glad Bee, and I fancied that I would design my own blocks for my turn. 
The gal whom was to have January had to leave the group and myself and a couple of others were asked if we could take it. No-one had responded and I sadly suffer for Taurus guilt. I couldn't let the group down! So I volunteered to take it. I then went straight to work to design my blocks as my month was June or July, I had time. Hm, No longer! But I got them done, all my blocks were sketched, my Wonder Under was cut, fabric was ordered, but then I ran into a major snag. CHRISTMAS! Rrrrr Darn Christmas! None of my fabric got to me until a few days ago. I had to scrap my whole project and come up with something I could do with what I had. 
Here are some pics of the blocks I created. They are all applique blocks, and I want to embellish with buttons, embroidery, ribbon and what ever turns my fancy.

I was thinking if any of your are interested - we could make this together. I could email you the block pattern, we could do one a month, and post picture of the them on a Flickr group. What do you think? Want to play with applique and embellishments with me? Let me know with a comment. Even if just one person wants to play, I will gladly share and make my blocks with you. 


  1. You're a pretty good artist! I'd love to be better at it. I have too many projects going on right now or I'd join you. Good luck with them!

  2. Love your drawings! I am not great at applique, but I'd be willing to give it a go with you! How big will the blocks be? It's sort of intimidating, thinking of us both making the same blocks (You are much better at applique than I am), but practice makes perfect, right??

  3. Just getting my blog reader back up and ready. Look at that kitchen update - WOW it is going to be stunning when you finish. I really can't wait to see it :) :) :)

    Your birds are amazing. Are the owls with the violins from Rango?