Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weather and renos

Hell froze over last week. 

Ack, is this a burglar??
Run, he has a weapon!

OH, its OK. Lucky has confirmed that under all that clothing is actually Mr. Hunter.

The coast is clear!
It was so cold out, that the vehicle did not want to start. Due to the scary electrical issue we no longer have power to the garage / car plugs so Mr. Hunter had to stop work on the kitchen to get an exterior power source out there. 


  1. Oh brrrr!!!!!! Hope it warms up soon.

  2. Wow! That's cold. We hit 65 degrees Fahrenheit today and it will be the same tomorrow. I don't know if I could leave the house if it was as cold as it is there!

  3. Yuck! How awful! You must be getting our cold weather added on to your own. Its been pretty mild here this winter.

  4. Oh my! I've never been in that cold of weather. I can't even imagine trying to work in it.

  5. Gosh that's cold! We have not had winter yet - no snow, no really cold temps, except for a day or two - just rain, rain and more rain. A storm is heading our way today though, so maybe I shouldn't speak too soon.

  6. I can't imagine trying to work all bundled up like that! I guess that's what you call Man Up. I guess I shouldn't tell you that I am running around in the nicest weather (wearing short sleeves) and that I don't even own a warm jacket like that? I think it's suppose to be 69 today. Oh that didn't make you feel better? Sorry.

  7. I came back by to check your blog, and realized that the last time I stopped in and saw this post, I didn't leave you a message....not that it would help keep you warm or anything. LOL Poor dears - even Lucky has a little coat on! Cute! Oh, I'm so glad I don't get temps like that down here in the southland! Brrr!