Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No stairway to heaven at my house

In fact there are no stairs at all!
Here Mr. Hunter is disconnecting the sub panel - after I turned off the breaker of course!

Here is the view from "under the stairs / utility room"

The old platform which was so small you had to stand on the bottom step to close the door was removed and made bigger.

Here is the first new stair stringer Mr. Hunter template and cut himself. 

Isn't he cute, even the dog is impressed at his mad carpentry skills!

This is how we get upstairs now. To let Lu out, one person has to go upstairs as we pass him up. Too much reno debris to let him out the back!

I started to make this silly video but it did not go as planned. I thought it was, well silly! So here it is even though it is not as I intended it to be.


  1. Wow! What a job you have undertaken.

  2. OMG what happened to your house? I've read the last few posts and it sounds like you are practically rebuilding the inside structures of your house. It's a really good thing that Mr. Hunter is a great handy man but still to have to live in a renovation zone must be a challenge. I hope no one sleep walks ;-)!