Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its a good thing I didn't put up that tree!

These bags of straw are all that is left of the insulation that is keeping the kitchen warm. The rest of the wood chips were removed. The upper two feet of the exterior walls were insulated by empty bags of plaster the old owner used to build the walls. In some areas, that was all that attempting to keep the cold out - or nothing at all.

Here is the hubby hard at work. The walls and ceiling were a layer of drywall with a thick coat of plaster over top. At least there wasn't any plaster and lath.

This was me trapped in the basement by the temporary platform Mr. Hunter built to put his latter on to continue demoing the ceiling and removal of the old light fixture.

I had to squeeze myself out of this hole - it sucked. Dumb dog tried to lick my face.

Here I am standing on the platform.

Here is Mr. Hunter coming up from the basement.

Demo Demo Demo

Great decorating - love what you've done with the place! Wow I wouldn't change a thing.. ... ... that better be what the end results are. HA HA HA

The kitchen went from gutted to worse. Good think I didn't put up that tree huh?


  1. I can only imagine the mess you are living with. Loved the description of you squeezing through the hole with the dog licking your face - lol! Our house as the lathe and plaster and it was a nightmare when we remodeled the bathroom several years ago.

  2. Wow! You guys are living in a mess. I feel for you having lived through a remodel before. The only positive thing about having a tree is that it would have stayed green forever in that cold!! Brrr!! Can you imagine moving it constantly as it would always be in the way all the time?
    So where are you having Christmas Dinner?

  3. Wow, he is a busy guy that Jon of yours- It looks like he is making progress but probably not fast enough - Hope that you are going to have some great Christmas fun with your family. Perhaps we will get a chance to get together over the break. We finished today at 3:30..
    I expect your new kitchen and living room area is going to be beautiful.