Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Day in the life of - just where have you been? Part 6

I mentioned yesterday about DDB Share - where we made (at my workplace) something to auction off to raise money for a local charity. My friend and colleague had a cool idea, but did not know how to execute it so she enlisted my help. She wanted to attach a vintage reproduction barbie head to a vintage fur collar. At first she mentioned attaching it as a cameo, I told her we could hack the barbie head in half to get that profile look - no she did not want to wreck her hair. So then we discussed dangling it - but I disliked that idea. 
Here is my process and the finished project. It raised a decent amount of money to. 

 I did not cut her head in half, but with Mr Hunters pliers, I shoved four needles through her head. I used doubled over thread and threaded a needle on each end x 2 hence the 4 needles. Once I got the four needles through her head, I pulled them as tight as I could and then knotted the threads on the back.
The bead was tricky, I had to squeeze her head to get the needle through without poking her face. I ended up having to take three threads doubled over in one needle to get the strength to not break. I bent a needle - but I really like the finished look of this fabulous bead.
Next came the pearls and the sunglasses. 

I do not have a picture of how I finished the inside - it was beautiful. I took a black ribbon my friend bought and hand stitched it onto the back to cover all the knots. Because of the curve of the collar, I had to pleat the ribbon. I was amazed at how good the back turned out. The front was cool and different, but the ribbon was beautiful and elegant. 
All and all, I had a blast making this for my friend. 
What do you think of it? Scary? Cool? Crazy?? I can tell you this - it raised a heck of a lot more money then my iPad cover! In fact, all of the crazy out there things are what brought in the dough. 


  1. That's very unusual and a little bit crazy. I'm surprised, but I actually like it and I know my niece would love it!

  2. Definitely crazy but hey there is a lot of that in the world today. It would be interesting to see someone wearing this on the street!

  3. This is over the top cool. Very artsy. Something I would expect to see in a real pricy art gallery. You did an incredible job. And the bead at the bottom really gives it a finished look. So did she just have a head laying around? And do tell, how much did it raise?

  4. Definately a bit crazy but obviously someone wanted that. It is so NOT my taste but you did an AWESOME job. Very professional looking.

  5. Too creepy for my taste. One of the shots looks like roadkill. You did a great job though.

  6. It is very cool - my kindergarten kids would think she was totally amazing- never mind the vintage fur collar- They wouldn't know how to keep themselves from petting it.
    You do the most creative things.