Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Day in the life of - just where have you been? Part 1

Holy Molly! I have not posted in almost an entire month. Wow. Mr Hunter said to me, "I bet you could not live without your computer and all your blogging". I said "I could to"!, I then out of sheer stubbornness stopped blogging for a week, then I thought what's one more day, then it was a hmm but where do I start, what did I even blog about? 
Now its a holy crap, you best get something up on your blog or you may never blog again! 
So here it is, the next few posts will be the highlights of what I have done since I stopped posting. 
So to start, I made these two bee blocks which should have both reached their destinations a week or so ago.
For the Orange you glad bee:

For the Let's bee together bee:

The block was exactly 12.5 inches thanks to this fabulous triangles on a roll paper!
Have you ever used this triangle paper? What did you think of it? 


  1. Thanks for making such a great block for me! I love love it!
    Isn't that paper fun to use? I'm glad you enjoyed playing with it!~

  2. Wasn't using the paper interesting? It was my first time, and it turned out great. I had a harder time ironing the seams than sewing the block!

  3. Welcome back! I really love that first block. The fabrics in it are just beautiful. I'm also a big fan of the triangle paper when you need to make multiple HST's or QST's.

  4. Isn't it great to take a break from blogging? I've tried the triangles on a roll twice and I'm not a fan. The second time I tried them I was using the wrong size, so I will try again someday. Glad to see a post from you! Great looking blocks!

  5. I haven't used that paper in a long time, but I used to love it. Might have to get it out again. Your blocks look terrrific. Glad to see you back. I was wondering what was up.