Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Day in the life of - just where have you been? Part 4

I moved my sewing room furniture around.
 Do you see Lucky's beddy under the ironing station? He likes it. In fact he is there right now while I sit in my pink chair writing this post. 
Not too bad for all old furniture. I took the IKEA table we bought 4 years ago for our small apartment before we bought the house - Mr Hunter took off the top and cut me that piece of plywood. I sanded it until my arms were numb! It was pretty rough, but I smoothed out the surface of the top and bottom. Then Mr. Hunter screwed it on the base for me. Works great as my cutting station. He made me that fabulous base that all my rulers are standing up in on the table. He actually made me two. I sorta cracked the first one when I put it in the table vice to sand it. Total bummer to as I had sanded every side but one - then I over tightened the vice and heard a loud crack. Then I swore like a trucker - finished the sanding and said I would live with it. Mr Hunter saw it and made me another one when I was out and surprised me with it when I got home. 
He is a keeper =)
Has you hubby ever surprised you with a little something just to be sweet?


  1. So who sanded the second one?

  2. I really like your sewing room. It's so comfy. (Looks well organized too.) And you know what I noticed about Lucky? Chewing - yep, that a terrier for you! What a cutie he is. That sure was nice of your hubby to make you another one. I agree, he's a keeper!

  3. Oh, I have a bad case of sewing room envy right now! LOL Love your ironing board cover on the previous post, too!

  4. It seems that you are all set up! Good for you.