Friday, January 28, 2011

One more eReader Cover made - I must be out of the blahs!

Didn't take too long to get out of the blahs. Maybe I just needed a nap?? HA HA HA
Here is the eReader cover I made for my SIL's sister. She gets it this weekend, I hope she is happy with it! Anyone interested in how to make this simple cover, you can see my tutorial in these two posts here and here
I changed it up this time but sewing both ends as shown in the tutorial for the first stitch, then I flipped and pressed the seam. This way I avoided having to make a binding.



  1. Another beautiful eReader cover! So glad to hear that you are out of the blahs!! On to more sewing!

  2. It is so cute! I'm going on vacation next week - maybe I'll have to use your Nook instructions and give it a go this weekend.

  3. Very nice cover idea!