Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick little present and funny dog

I made a quick little coffee coaster / microwave pot holder for one of my friend's birthday. I really need to be making table runners for Mr. Hunter's mom and sister, but there is still time.. ... we only fly out to Vancouver this Friday!! Yikes.
Here is my little gift:

She commented on the little flies right away. lol, she said she loved them. hee hee

So my funny little JRT, Lucky (Lu for short) just watched with full attention the entire movie Cats and Dogs. Here he is:

The main doggie character was even named Lu! He stood there until about 20 min from the end, then he laid down, but he was still watching. Too funny!

If you did not see my give away, please check out yesterdays post here and enter to win!



  1. Cute, love the little frog! Funny about your dog and the TV!!

  2. I love your take on the Dresden Plate runner! I may borrow your idea one day. :) This is just too cute with your Lucky watching the dog and cat movie! I have two dogs, and Bayley (long-haired daschund) is so bad about attacking the tv if he sees an animal of any sort (or what he PERCEIVES to be an animal LOL) that we have stopped watching Animal Planet! He is hilarious, sometimes, with his antics and the tv. :D

  3. Cute doggie story. Your Dresden Plate is beautiul .