Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hockey is OK

I am not a hockey fan. I grew up in a hockey town - like all towns in Saskatchewan, it was the only sport to be played and celebrated. Was it being surrounded by rude hockey jocks? Not being allowed to play? Or the fact that I was unpopular even by the hockey kid who got his face smashed in - I do not know, but I have rejected everything about hockey since I left my hometown.

That is until I met Mr. Hunter - he is a goalie.
Ah Fine, So if we go to the game (I am fortunate enough to get the odd pair of tickets from work as we could not afford to go ourselves), I will cheer. Actually - going to the games can be a lot of fun. Like any sport, the excitement of the crowd can get you going. I find hockey makes me feel, slightly angry? Maybe not so much angry but aggressive, which I do not like one bit. I cannot stand fighting for fighting's sake, hell I cannot stand fighting for anything's sake. I think it's a stupid waste of time. That is just me.
But Mr. Hunter loves it so.
Here is picture of his man crush (ha ha ha, I bug him all the time about his man crushes - thankfully he is such a good sport about my teasing - do your husbands have any man crushes on celebs?)

Robert Luongo - They are calling him the best goalie in all of Canada right now. He is really good.
Here is silly pic Mr. Hunter took of me at the game.
Ha ha, don't I look awful! No wonder I was such a popular girl growing up. hee hee hee
Mr. Hunters "team" is the Vancouver Canucks and he has never seen a home game. So we are off to Vancouver later this month to see them play and visit his family. It should be a lot of fun. It better be, this trip has cost us a small fortune - a.k.a. - it has cost us our trip to Cuba I have been saving up for. Family is more important though and we are all going together. Even though it is hockey, I am looking forward to it!

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