Friday, January 21, 2011

I got it done! Thank the stars above!!

For some reason I get grouchy and fill with anxiety every time Mr. Hunter and I are to travel someplace via plane. Its not because I am scared of flying, its something else that I just cannot figure out. Needless to say though, although I love my husband, he was making me crazy trying to distract me to look at our England trip photos while I sewed like a wild woman trying to get this last present done! And done it is!!
Check it our my friends:

I even managed to whip off one of my button straps!
 And now, as I mentioned yesterday - I have added my left over Dresden cuts into the give away. Here are the additions for you to (*druel ) over. Aren't these prints brilliant?!?
To enter into the give away, click here.
Only two more followers for the next give away - THANK YOU EVERY ONE for helping me reach my goal. Maybe I will be there by the time we draw this one?!

I will not be posting over the weekend as the thought of trying to post on my iPhone makes me agitated. lol. Talk to you all when I get back. =)



  1. Well done Carolyn- I bet the table runner is a big hit with its recipient.
    Those are some pretty dresden plate fabrics too- Your winner is going to be thrilled with the fabrics.
    Hope you are having a great time in Vancouver.
    Warmest regards,

  2. You did finish and it looks great. Turns out that I read your blog and follow it - but never clicked the "follow" button. Just did though :)