Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy surprise!

I was nominated by Linda from Little Bits and Pieces for the Liebster Award! Cool huh! This is an award for blogs that people like that have less then 300 followers. To keep the award going, you are to now nominate 3-5 people.

Here are my selections:
 Cotton Cocktails - Hazel has lots of fun ideas and she is from one of my favorite places. The UK!

Creative K - Karen really inspires me to think about my stitching. She is very talented.

Crafts and Stuff - Hetty is a Canadian like me! I just love her whimsical style.

I have two more I would like to mention: Lily at a A Block a Day, I really like this blog, but she does not post how many followers she has so I didn't know if she qualifies. Then there is Jo Avery at Bearpaw, She does qualify, but she has 271 followers which is so close to 300. Sorry Lily and Jo Avery!

All of these blogs are awesome and it was really hard to pick just three. Please check them all out!

I wanted to share this video I found on You-Tube, I really wanted to know how to make this pillow:

My quilting mentor told me it is a Cathedral Window - makes sense.
You Tube then provided me this video that I thought I should share as it is a cheat on how to make these with less fabric waste.

I hope it works.


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  1. Yay for you!! Thanks for the links to new blogs!