Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I think I have the blahs

You know them, the winter blues?? The - I'm grumpy pants from not seeing the sun in 2-3 months, the I don't want to do anything just let me sit on the couch and be a cranky poo blahs! It is right on cue, end of January / beginning of February is always the time for blahs. I thought the trip to Vancouver would keep them away- but no such luck.
I have heard that tanning can keep the blahs away, not sure if it is true as I cannot use tanning beds for more then 6 minutes at a time. For some reason I fry like a pork sausage in those things.
Mr Hunter seems to have a bit of it too which is not helping either of us get anything done.
To top off the blahs - I got a phone message that my Thread Play class I was going to take this weekend is cancelled. BOO There was not enough people which does not make sense to me as I was on a very long waiting list to get into this class. They are running two sessions for it however and everyone chose the one during the week rather then the weekend. Shows how many Edmonton quilters are retired or have very flexible jobs! At least I am not alone - being a working full time quilter - right Anna!
On the bright side (even if the sun is hidden behind clouds), my fabulous siblings are coming to see me! SIL and brother will be here Friday, and my sister may come either Friday night or Saturday late morning! It is a good thing the class was cancelled really.
Tonight I have to get my butskey in gear and make another eReader cover for my SIL's sister. I have perfect fabric for her, she loves Asian inspired everything and I had 3-4 for SIL to choose and she picked one of my favorites in my stash. I will post some pics soon! I have some fabrics in mind for the next give away too, sorry for being so tardy!!


  1. Love the picture!!! Made me smile! I just came out of the blahs but then mine started the 1st week of the month. Hang in there - you will overcome those blah feelings soon.

  2. I just today decided I have the blah's too! I can't seem to get going on anything. I did hear you can a lamp that has natural light (or tanning needed) and that helps. Hope the sun shines soon for you!

  3. I too have those dang blahs. I know it will get better!!

  4. Life sometimes feels overwhelming and I find January challenging because I don't see the sunshine- The days are starting to get longer - does that mean I can fit more things in a day LOL
    Have fun on the weekend with your family- you will soon be back on the top of your game.
    I am still looking forward to getting together with you- if this winter thing ever stops.VBG
    Be well.
    Warmest regards,