Monday, April 30, 2012

Lu Lu's new toy

We got Lucky Lu this donut toy - well, Mr Hunter did - it had a squeaker in it - Lu chewed it so hard that he squished the squeaker! Thank goodness!!
Here is our funny little boy:


  1. Years ago our dog had a pea with a squeaker in it and it nearly drove us crazy!!! How they love those things!!!!

  2. That donut toy looks well loved! Our Gabriel loves the balls with the squeakers in the middle. She'll go around just squeaking it non-stop. I'm always pleased when she eventually breaks that part of it, because she'll still play with the ball until she either loses it or it disintegrates.

  3. My doggies love squeakers too. It takes Neptune 1 minute to get it out of the toy and then she doesn't want to play with it anymore. (I don't bother to buy her squeaky toys anymore)

  4. That is so cute! I want him to come and have a play day here. LOL
    Your video was amazing on the other post!