Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do you Facetime?

I know Facetime has been out there for some time - but Mr Hunter and I have been slow to discover it - but discover it we did. A couple of nights ago we spent then evening laughing and enjoying great conversation with Mr Hunters Mom and then his Sister. It was so great to talk to them this way. Normally Mr Hunter would call them and I would eavesdrop to hear what is new - but with Facetime, I can sit next to him and we can all talk, and see each other. It is brilliant!

So, if you have an Apple product that supports Facetime, I highly recommend it! You can even Facetime with me! OK, well that may be pretty boring for you, but I would be giddy! Just think of how you could use this with your quilting friends, you can give them a tour of your sewing room - like Mr. Hunter did for his sister to comment on my fabric stash.. .. .. you can never have too much fabric! ha ha ha We were able to tour the whole house for them, so cool!
What is your experience with Facetime? Have you used it? Do you like/Love/Hate it? Want to quilty nerd out with me and show me your recent project or new fabric purchase?  


  1. I've got it on my computer, but still haven't got it working. However, my 4-year old granddaughter has it on her iPod and has a great time calling her dad and her Poppa (my hubby)! She thinks I should get a smart phone so she can Facetime me, too!!

  2. I just recently got an IPad with it and have facetimed with my mom and sister. It is fun. It seems a lot like SKYPE.

  3. We used facetime on Kevin and Bruce's IPhones. While it was a small picture it was so nice to have the visual to talk with Kevin. When he and Roseanne were here in March then he put Skype on both my mom and our computers. It is now possible for us to have a conference type call on Skype. I am not sure how much we will use the conference one but it is nice to have that option.
    I am beginning to feel better finally- still have the cough but spent the whole weekend in bed. Hope you had a good time at the Open house.
    If you get a chance check out Cathy Tomm's blog- she has a link to Pamela Allen's Art. She is speaking at the Guild meeting tomorrow evening.. I am sure she will a good speaker. It is too late to call you this evening but thought you might find it of interest. I will look forward to getting together soon - perhaps Sunday afternoon to Bead works or the following weekend?