Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I have no title

Oh the title pressure - I have failed today. I have no ideas. In fact, I have no stories! Gosh, how sad is that? I have spent way to many hours at work and not enough in play. 

I had to last minuet through some Halloween decorations together so people knew I was home to hand out candy. I didn't even have a pumpkin carved! Our front light does not work so I used my IKEA lamp with some colored, cut up recycled fliers to create a fun Halloween light. I even got a compliment from one of the Mom's. I'm 95% positive she actually liked it to and was not being sarcastic. ha ha
Here it is:
It looked pretty cool as it got darker out.
I had 25 to 35 kids I think. How many kids did you guys have?


  1. I had 5. A big let down . I usually have at least 3x that. Oh well. Now what do I do with the other 25 treat bags? Hi ho hi ho its off to work they go-teachers need more treats right?

  2. I like your IKEA lamp - great idea (and no sarcasm here!) We live out in the country, so we didn't have any little trick-or-treaters. I guess it's too scary!!

  3. I like your light - very clever. We didn't have any candy so turned out the porch light. I know, bah-humbug, but we go tired of handing out candy to teenagers that didn't even bother to dress up.

  4. We live in an apartment building. We went out with a friends kid. They had maybe 6 kids. Everyone is saying they had less kids this year.

  5. Love the light!!!!! Very cute.

    We had less than ten trick or treaters at the door. So sad!!!

  6. Love the decorations! More than we put out.
    We had about the same amount of kids as you did. The hubby took our little man out trick or treating, he is finally old enough to think it's fun!

  7. That is a really cute lamp! Great idea!! We had the about the amount. And since I go with the kids trick or treating I would say there were the same amount of house lit up passing out candy.

  8. The light looks great! We had 7 trick or treaters this year which is a record for us. It was also really cold and raining hard, so they were some determined kids!