Tuesday, November 8, 2011

They are watching.. .. .

OK, last week when I parked my car, there was nothing out of the ordinary as I walked the 5 blocks to work - but then I left to walk back to my car at the end of that day - there were all these strange additions to the side walk. 
 Here let me turn this so you can read it:
Monitoring service? These cameras are all over downtown. At the very top of these long poles you see in the picture below, is a tiny camera. Some light posts have 2 of these monitoring devices. 
I'm not concerned about the devices, but they are kinda creepy no? I mean, just what are they monitoring, who is  watching these devices and where does this info go. Why are they monitoring, what are they hoping to see and just how much is this costing me out of my tax money. Does this mean my property tax is going to go up yet again?  Do the cities you live in have weird monitoring devices? What do they do with the info? Does it bother you at all?



  1. I haven't noticed so many here, but when we visited London the last time they were EVERYWHERE! It's a shame that it seems to be needed these days.

  2. Oh it bothers me a lot! That's because I read 1984, and I read it before 1984. If you read it after 1984 it's just not as scary. They just installed traffic monitors on our highway. And I do wonder - who's watching?

  3. I noticed this summer that cameras have gone up on the traffic lights downtown here. But they don't have those large black boxes. Before you showed them close-up, my crazy imagination was thinking jet packs for rent (sort of like Zip cars). Now wouldn't that be cool?

  4. Ooh, I like that idea - the jet packs! LOL Yes, it bothers the hound out of me that they do that...I have the same questions as you. They don't do it in my town yet (too little) but in larger towns I have visited on business I have seen these. I agree with Linda up above...1984 is coming, I believe. Oh wait a minute, we already had it! LOL I mean the descriptions of life in the book, of course!