Thursday, November 3, 2011

More finished Thread Play projects

I finished the Christmas ball I started at the Thread Play class. I really like how it turned out! Here it is:
 Here it is laying on cream fabric. And this next picture shows more how the flowers are translucent. I have it hanging on a patterned sheer I put up as my curtain in my sewing room.
 And here is the whole curtain. Well, its not a real curtain - but I like to quilt - not sew curtains. Its held up with three push pins. Really classy.
A few more projects and you will not see the sheer anymore - that or my pins will fail and everything will crash down on my table. ha ha.


  1. They are all beautiful Carolyn- How are you doing ? Having fun playing I see? I am immersed in the land of report cards so I am not sure about the weekend. However, it is still a possibility- I got some good work done tonight..
    Hope all is well...

  2. Those are all wonderful. You are having fun with the process, aren't you?

  3. I like your Christmas ball project. And the hangin' curtain is much more classy than my bulletin boards!

  4. Just BEAUTIFUL! I bet it was a blast to make.